Forwards reception desk in the brand new office in San Francisco

Yesterday, January 17, 2017, a group of really smart people opened the doctors office we all want to visit.  Called “Forward”, and based in downtown San Francisco, this is the anti to the increasingly government run healthcare model American politicians have been begging for.

Notice I said politicians.  No consumer would choose the current system, or the proposed system of ANY political candidate or party, if offered this alternative.

One article I read about this launch, and there are many, was a nice little fluff piece, until the end, when price was mentioned.

In her article on Business Insider, Melia Robinson says:

“Still, $149 a month — roughly the cost of an annual One Medical Group membership — is a steep price to pay.”

Steep for what?  For accountability?  For responsibility?  For a partner in health?

This Forbes article is much more accurate.

In it, Miguel Helft says:

“Access to this futuristic primary care practice is $149 a month, for now, and it is billed annually. There are no co-pays and Forward doesn’t take insurance. But the membership — like with Netflix or a health club — covers an all-you-can-eat set of services from the practice — doctor’s visits, the baseline screening, access to Forward’s team of doctors and nurses over email, ongoing monitoring through wearable devices, and even some medications and supplements. (Of course, you’ll still need to buy insurance to cover things like hospitalizations, surgeries and specialist care.) Aoun says 15% of early memberships are free or subsidized for people in underserved communities.”

This is the future of “healthcare” in America.  Patients that care about their health, have invested in it personally, and will spend the roughly $1500 annually for access to physicians with matching goals.

The minute they open a location in my area, I will sign up.