About 7twofive and Ben Hardt

The story behind it…

On the homepage you get a sense of why I started this site, kind of.  But it doesn’t tell you much about me, or how I got here, or what I want from life, or the book I most recently read (How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, by Mohsin Hamid).

Me:  43 years old.  Father of two wonderful girls, ages 12 and 7.  Married to a brilliant, beautiful, amazing woman.

How I got here:  I was an English major at the University of Nevada, Reno.  I took a summer job at a local computer chain, Computer Base, with absolutely zero experience.  I was promoted to store manager and worked for a great owner for three years until I had the opportunity to move to Sacramento to work for Apple Computer.  I moved before I got the formal job offer from Apple, and fate taught me a little lesson.  The offer from Apple never materialized.  I had to work in the call center for Earthlink dial-up for a few weeks before getting an offer from GE Capital IT Solutions.  I went to work for GE for three years, and then had another lesson coming.  A corporate RIF prompted me to start my own business, Vandelay Industries, in 2003.  Several of my clients from GE requested that they be allowed to leave GE and continue to work with me, and I added a System Admin position at a law firm to round out my first book of clients.  Over the next several years I was able to slowly build up my business, hire my first full time employees, and begin to gain a reputation for high-value, personalized support in the Sacramento area.  Vandelay Industries got involved in Healthcare at just the right time, as Meaningful Use and HiTech and ObamaCare were triggering major changes in Healthcare Technology.  Today, Vandelay Industries supports doznes of healthcare and legal practices in the area, and we’ve made some great friends doing it.

What I want from life:  Everyone says money, or happiness, or success.  What do they mean?  I recently read a book that helped me define what I want.  I want the freedom to be able to work and play the way I want to.  I like providing a platform for my team to continue to excel.  I like being an example for my daughters.  I like solving problems for clients, employees, and family.

P.S.  The site name is a reference to my birthday, July 25th.